Employee of the Month: Kevin Durant

For the second time in three years Dub Nation is celebrating winning a NBA title. This would not have been possible without first year employee, Kevin Durant. His heroics this past month have earned him Employee of the Month for the Golden State Warrior organization.

When KD first joined the GSW organization many people were extremely upset with his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder who had recently blown a 3-1 lead to GSW just a few months prior. By joining Dub Nation KD received the nickname, Cupcake. Kind of ironic if you think about it. Hundreds of thousands of people calling a guy soft because their feelings got hurt because he decided he had had enough of not being able to reach his full potential. The reality of KD joining the elite GSW organization is that literally anyone in his position regardless of what industry they work in would do what he did. Think about it…if you could leave your job for another company and 1) still be paid handsomely, 2) have to put in less effort/time to increase your productivity, 3) live in your dream neighborhood with perfect weather year round, and 4) have competent upper management you would not leave? Why? Because of “loyalty”? To make people who you do not know happy? Afraid of criticism that you’re going to get if you stick around and don’t reach your full potential? Exactly what I thought! You would leave your current place of employment faster than a basketball out of KD’s hand on a 3pt attempt. So quit hating on Employee of the Month, Kevin Wayne Durant. Besides cupcakes are delicious and should never be associated with something negative.


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