21 Questions and They All About Us!

The Chicago Bulls have officially hit rock bottom as an organization. In the most situational ironic trade in the history of sports the Bulls recently decided to trade Jimmy Butler, their best player to former Bulls head coach, Tom Thibodeau, for basically nothing in return. By doing so the organization officially has no identity! We do not have a franchise player. We have a coach that many think is incompetent. On top of an incompetent coach we have a front office that if it was up to fans like myself would probably be unemployed. So as a Bulls fans I have a few questions for Gar and Pax. Well 21 to be exact…and they all about us! (I say us because for some crazy reason I still identify as a fan of the Bulls)

  1. How long are we expecting for this rebuild to take place?
  2. Will Hoiberg be a part of this rebuild for the long term?
  3. With Jimmy gone does Hoiberg now have a lead voice in the locker room?
  4. Did Hoiberg ask for Jimmy to be traded?
  5. How long do you all (Gar and Pax) have to get this rebuild moving in a positive direction before being let go?
  6. Why do we have so many point guards (about seven; NBA roster limit is fifteen)? None of which are great floor generals (assuming we’re not bringing back Rondo) or are 3pt threats.
  7. Why did we acquire two non shooters?
  8. Did we really just trade for someone who just tore their ACL this past year? *cough remember D. Rose cough* *cough and he’s less talented cough*
  9. Are we planning to buyout Wade’s contract?  He’s going to sit out for rest a good portion of the season and we need to get our young guys minutes so they can actually develop.
  10. So we drafted Jordan Bell and gave him to the Warriors for $3.M to help pay for Wade’s buyout right?
  11. Is Luke Markannen the new “face of the franchise”?
  12. How are we expected to land future top free agents based on how we just treated Jimmy, who by the way was someone we drafted and saw blossom right before our eyes?
  13. Why trade away the 16th pick too? We need more shooters. Having draft picks seems like a step in the right direction to acquiring more shooters at a cheap cost
  14. Did Thibs have some dirt on y’all that forced you two take this horrible deal?
  15. Are we rebuilding to try and defeat LeBron? If so, sorry to inform you but that ain’t happening.
  16. Are we rebuilding to try and defeat the Warriors? If so, again sorry to inform you that ain’t happening.
  17. Are we rebuilding because you did not want to end up paying Jimmy lots of money in two years knowing we weren’t going to make it to the Finals in the next seven years, so you all figured might as well lose and not be forced to pay a lot to take an L?
  18. Do you all take the blame for our current situation? I mean let’s face it if you don’t sign Wade and Rondo, and acquire at least one pick in the Rose trade we may be in position to keep Jimmy and surround him with young talent plus have the cap to bring in another All-Star this summer or next.
  19. Can you honestly look Bulls nation in the face and say this current roster is going to win more than 12 games next year?
  20. Is this some type of master plan to create enough cap space to acquire LeBron and give him complete control of basketball operations? Because let’s face it he’s probably leaving Cleveland in 2018. You two are incompetent. Might as well let LeBron be in charge, it’s the best way to get him to sign here. Heck even tell him by being GM, player, and coach he will definitely catch the ghost that is MJ.
  21. Can I get floor seats to a few games? I doubt anyone else wants them at this point so hook ya boy up!


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