21 Questions and They All About Us!

The Chicago Bulls have officially hit rock bottom as an organization. In the most situational ironic trade in the history of sports the Bulls recently decided to trade Jimmy Butler, their best player to former Bulls head coach, Tom Thibodeau, for basically nothing in return. By doing so the organization officially has no identity! We do not have a franchise player. We have a coach that many think is incompetent. On top of an incompetent coach we have a front office that if it was up to fans like myself would probably be unemployed. So as a Bulls fans I have a few questions for Gar and Pax. Well 21 to be exact…and they all about us! (I say us because for some crazy reason I still identify as a fan of the Bulls)

  1. How long are we expecting for this rebuild to take place?
  2. Will Hoiberg be a part of this rebuild for the long term?
  3. With Jimmy gone does Hoiberg now have a lead voice in the locker room?
  4. Did Hoiberg ask for Jimmy to be traded?
  5. How long do you all (Gar and Pax) have to get this rebuild moving in a positive direction before being let go?
  6. Why do we have so many point guards (about seven; NBA roster limit is fifteen)? None of which are great floor generals (assuming we’re not bringing back Rondo) or are 3pt threats.
  7. Why did we acquire two non shooters?
  8. Did we really just trade for someone who just tore their ACL this past year? *cough remember D. Rose cough* *cough and he’s less talented cough*
  9. Are we planning to buyout Wade’s contract?  He’s going to sit out for rest a good portion of the season and we need to get our young guys minutes so they can actually develop.
  10. So we drafted Jordan Bell and gave him to the Warriors for $3.M to help pay for Wade’s buyout right?
  11. Is Luke Markannen the new “face of the franchise”?
  12. How are we expected to land future top free agents based on how we just treated Jimmy, who by the way was someone we drafted and saw blossom right before our eyes?
  13. Why trade away the 16th pick too? We need more shooters. Having draft picks seems like a step in the right direction to acquiring more shooters at a cheap cost
  14. Did Thibs have some dirt on y’all that forced you two take this horrible deal?
  15. Are we rebuilding to try and defeat LeBron? If so, sorry to inform you but that ain’t happening.
  16. Are we rebuilding to try and defeat the Warriors? If so, again sorry to inform you that ain’t happening.
  17. Are we rebuilding because you did not want to end up paying Jimmy lots of money in two years knowing we weren’t going to make it to the Finals in the next seven years, so you all figured might as well lose and not be forced to pay a lot to take an L?
  18. Do you all take the blame for our current situation? I mean let’s face it if you don’t sign Wade and Rondo, and acquire at least one pick in the Rose trade we may be in position to keep Jimmy and surround him with young talent plus have the cap to bring in another All-Star this summer or next.
  19. Can you honestly look Bulls nation in the face and say this current roster is going to win more than 12 games next year?
  20. Is this some type of master plan to create enough cap space to acquire LeBron and give him complete control of basketball operations? Because let’s face it he’s probably leaving Cleveland in 2018. You two are incompetent. Might as well let LeBron be in charge, it’s the best way to get him to sign here. Heck even tell him by being GM, player, and coach he will definitely catch the ghost that is MJ.
  21. Can I get floor seats to a few games? I doubt anyone else wants them at this point so hook ya boy up!


Employee of the Month: Kevin Durant

For the second time in three years Dub Nation is celebrating winning a NBA title. This would not have been possible without first year employee, Kevin Durant. His heroics this past month have earned him Employee of the Month for the Golden State Warrior organization.

When KD first joined the GSW organization many people were extremely upset with his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder who had recently blown a 3-1 lead to GSW just a few months prior. By joining Dub Nation KD received the nickname, Cupcake. Kind of ironic if you think about it. Hundreds of thousands of people calling a guy soft because their feelings got hurt because he decided he had had enough of not being able to reach his full potential. The reality of KD joining the elite GSW organization is that literally anyone in his position regardless of what industry they work in would do what he did. Think about it…if you could leave your job for another company and 1) still be paid handsomely, 2) have to put in less effort/time to increase your productivity, 3) live in your dream neighborhood with perfect weather year round, and 4) have competent upper management you would not leave? Why? Because of “loyalty”? To make people who you do not know happy? Afraid of criticism that you’re going to get if you stick around and don’t reach your full potential? Exactly what I thought! You would leave your current place of employment faster than a basketball out of KD’s hand on a 3pt attempt. So quit hating on Employee of the Month, Kevin Wayne Durant. Besides cupcakes are delicious and should never be associated with something negative.


Episode 23 #G.O.A.T

Topics:                                                                                                                                              Blew a 3-1 Lead: NFL teams who have not signed Colin Kaepernick

Sucks to Suck: NBA One and Done rule

Heads or Tails: NFL new celebration rules

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My Dollar Green and I’m Still Black

Wednesday, May 31, 2017, someone spray painted the N-word on LeBron James’ California home.

These reports were confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department and–assuming they are true–we should question the effectiveness of our response to racism and inequality. We frequently hear that money is the great equalizer.

Many of us idolize professional athletes. Because their life experiences seem other-worldly, we don’t think their problems are real problems. We assume they don’t ever deal with the vicissitudes of the common man. In our (sometimes jealous) minds, all of their pain is champagne.

So, it is easy for our eyes to glaze over when we see these entertainers suffer. How many people felt bad for Thabo Sefolosha when the New York Police Department broke his leg in 2015? Who is weeping for Colin Kaepernick and his free agency struggles? How long will this LeBron story be front of mind? We use these players for our pleasure and scoff at their pain. Why? Because we see money as a panacea.

Speaking about the incident, LeBron said, “…it just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America. Hate in America, especially for African-Americans, is living every day…And even though that it’s concealed most of the time, we know people hide their faces and will say things about you, when they see you they smile at your face, it’s alive every single day.”

He continued, “No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is tough. And we got a long way to go for us as a society and for us as African-Americans until we feel equal in America.”

The human condition does not require us to operate with jealousy or spite. As sports fans, we should be better at treating our heroes (and opponents) with empathy. Whoever committed this heinous act was racist. It would be easy to ignore this incident because the victim is wealthy. Instead, we should use this moment to better recognize and stamp out racism. We should remember that racism is not always as direct as this, but is subtle and will sneak upon those who refuse diligence. Money can buy lots of things, but equality is not on anybody’s shopping list. Those of us that live with privilege–whether it be by race, gender, or ability–would do well to practice empathy.

-The Lawyer

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

Over the last week many people have given their hot takes about tonight’s NBA Finals match-up. Some seem to think the winner will be whatever team can make the most three pointers will win. Others argue the ability of the bench to score is the X factor. The experts think it depends on if we get passive or aggressive LeBron. Well guess what you’re all wrong!! The truth of the matter is the winner of the NBA Finals boils down to kicks. It’s not what you may think either. The winner will not be who’s shoe has brought in the most revenue. The NBA Finals champion will be based on what team has the most players on their roster with a signature shoe or player edition shoe. Our incredible staff has researched the NBA Finals all the way back to 2010 and this holds true. Seven years seems like enough of a sample size for proper validity. Think this theory is full of crap? Well let’s take a look, but first a little explanation on what we’re defining as a signature shoe and player edition shoe.

Signature shoe: When a player signs with a shoe apparel company, and the company designs and then names that shoe after that player. The shoe will also his/her own logo to go along with the logo of the company. Example: Lonzo Ball signed with Big Baller Brand and has a shoe with them named ZO2.

Player edition: Similar to a signature shoe in that the player is endorsing the company’s brand. However, the company does not design and name a shoe for that player. The company already has a shoe solely associated with the company but will create the shoe in certain colors for that specific player, usually based on the team colors that player plays for. Seldom does the shoe have a logo on it that is the logo for that player. Example: Shawn Marion endorsed Nike and Nike would send him popular Nike shoes in his team color.

Alright so here’s our Sneakerhead Scoring Index:                                                                              Signature Shoe=3 points                                                                                              I                        Player Edition Shoe=2 points                                                                                                  **Click on the links to see the shoes the players were wearing for that particular series.

2010 NBA Finals: Lakers vs Celtics                                                                                                   Winners: Lakers 13    Losers: Celtics:6

The actual series went seven games. However, the stars responsible for the Lakers winning it based on shoe game in 2010 may not be who you think. If your guess is some combination of Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, and Fisher you my friend are way off. The players on the court for the Lakers with the heat on their feet were actually a bunch of role players. Lamar Odom rocking his player edition Nike Hyperdunk 10.  Shannon Brown had a pair of Nike player edition Kobe V nicknamed the “Throw It Down” (solely because he got famous via the Slam Dunk competition).In the least likely of players on that squad with signature shoes Sasha Vujacic and Metta World Peace each had their own respective signature shoes with China based company Peak. Obviously, Kobe Bryant had a signature shoe. Mamba rocked his Kobe V signature shoe with Nike.

Although, the Celtics had a Big 3 only one had his own signature shoe. Paul Pierce had a signature shoe with Nike. Ray Allen had lots of player edition shoes via the Jordan brand because you know Ray Ray got game. KG actually had a signature shoe in 2008 but by 2010 Adidas decided to demote him to a player edition shoe. Rondo , who now has a signature shoe with ANTA, had a player edition shoe with Nike at the time. Looks like anyone associated with the Lakers was considered marketable and thus shoe companies were trying to capitalize off that Hollywood spotlight. Maybe Lavar Ball is on to something with not wanting Lonzo going to Boston…

2011 NBA Finals: Mavs vs Heat                                                                                                Winners: Mavs 9    Losers: Heat 8                                                                                        

I’m as shocked as you all that my theory held up with this match-up! It was like reliving the results of this Finals in real life all over again. Putting up major buckets for the Mavs was Jason Kidd with his signature shoe with Peak. Dirk surprisingly did not have a signature shoe and instead had a player edition shoe with Nike.  Shawn Marion somehow managed to get a player edition shoe with Nike as well. With the most stylish shoes out of the bunch Jason Terry had a player edition shoe with Reebok.            

As usual Bosh couldn’t hold his own for the Big 3. He was the only one out of the Big 3 without a signature shoe. Wade entered the playoffs with his first ever signature shoe via the Jordan brand.  LeBron graced the sneaker world with the LeBron 8 PS in this series. Based on Jason Terry’s shoe alone the Mavs deserved the title that year.

2012 NBA Finals: Heat vs Thunder                                                                                                Winners: Heat 10    Losers: Thunder 9   

So in 2012 Mario Chalmers stepped his game up. Well kind of he signed a deal with Spalding and had his set of player edition shoes. The Big 3 still had their deals just different designs. LeBron went through about three different models during the playoffs. Although there was a lawsuit about his first signature shoe Wade continued with the Jordan brand and released a second signature shoe after changing his Wade logo. And in typical Bosh fashion he still could not land a signature shoe.

The Westbrook we know today had not quite yet reached his full potential. He was with Nike and was not considered good enough to get a signature shoe just yet. He rocked a pair of player edition Nike Hyperfuse. James Harden like Westbrook was still developing into a MVP caliber player and was wearing player edition Nike Hyperfuse as well. Adidas took a small risk on Serge Ibaka and gave him a player edition shoe, the AdiZero Shadow. KD, being the only recognized superstar on the team had a signature shoe with Nike, KD IV. Even though his teammates mocked him for signing with Spalding, the move by Mario Chalmers may have been the slight edge needed to give LeBron his first title. (I still hate you Chalmers for what you did to my Tigers in 2008)

2013 NBA Finals: Heat vs Spurs                                                                                       Winners: Heat 14    Losers: Spurs 4

Well while the actual series was close, according to the sneaker gods this series was actually over from the beginning. Wade not taking any chances on losing another title decided to sacrifice by leaving the Jordan brand to go to Li-Ning, who in return let Udonis Haslem be one of their representatives. Wade got the signature shoe and Udonis player editions. Ray Allen realizing the lack of swag in Boston left the C’s and joined the squad in South Beach. Bosh stayed on with Nike as a player edition rep, (no other company would take him on…jk but probably true). However, it should be noted Nike let him wear the cool kids pair this time around. LeBron added another signature shoe for the Finals. Chalmers kept collecting checks from Spalding.

The Spurs had no chance in this one. Kawhi was still buying his shoes and no one had a signature shoe. Tony Parker decided to join Peak and somehow was not able to get a signature shoe. Early in his career Tim Duncan was able to get away with having a signature shoe, but Adidas soon realized he’s not very marketable. Therefore, he was rocking a pair of player edition shoes. This whole time I’ve been blaming Ray for making that shot when in actuality the Spurs had no chance.

2014 NBA Finals: Heat vs Spurs                                                                                       Winners: Heat 14    Losers: Spurs 8

So yea this the outlier. And of course the Spurs would be the ones to ruin the fun. But for the sake of the theory let’s just chalk this up to the Heat not developing their shoe game and the Spurs actually deciding to lace em up (see what I did there? horrible I know). Kawhi joined the Jordan brand but no signature shoe and Tony Parker finally got a signature shoe with Peak.

2015 NBA Finals: Warriors vs Cavs                                                                                      Winners: Warriors 8   Losers: Cavs 3

So let me start off by saying that I’m not including Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love as they did not participate enough in this series to deserve recognition from the Sneakerhead Scoring Index. Steph won a MVP trophy and received his first signature shoe with Under Armour. Klay also had a signature shoe with ANTA, a Chinese based company. He unveiled his shoes during All-Star weekend. Andre Iguodala has been with Nike his entire career as a player edition shoe rep. I actually have a pair of his shoes, Nike Zoom Hyperfuse “Stockbrocker” , and they are really comfy and stylish.

LeBron was the only player on his team with any kind of clout in the shoe game. They were clean though.

2016 NBA Finals: Warriors vs Cavs                                                                                      Winners: Cavs 10   Losers: Warriors 10

Alright, I know what you’re thinking here. It’s tied. Correct. I’ll explain it here shortly but first let’s cover the champs and their shoes. LeBron unveiled another signature shoe for the Finals. A healthy Kyrie bailed out LeBron, excuse me I mean balled out, in his new signature shoe, Kyrie 2. Richard Jefferson still living off the fat of the land from his time with the Nets received player edition shoes from Nike. They even gave him a logo! Love left 361 shoes and decided to join Nike as a player edition rep. Rumor has it LeBron kind of forced him to make this move.

The Warriors did not make the mistake the 2014 Heat did and decide to not improve their shoe game. Draymond got in on the fun and was able to get on the Nike bandwagon and get a player edition shoe. Like Jefferson he has a logo on his shoes too. Iggy had some clean sneaks for the series too. Now the reason why the Cavs get the tiebreaker is because the two time MVP Steph Curry released some shoes that not a single real hooper wanted to wear (if you know where to get some let me know I’m not a hooper and I think they’re actually kind of slick). Curry embarrassed decided to wear a different model of his shoes during the Finals.  So we learned in 2016 that quantity is not enough. You have to factor in quality.

Predicting 2017 NBA Finals Champ:  Warriors vs Cavs                                                             Winners: Warriors 13   Losers: Cavs 10

So looks like Bron Bron did not learn from 2014 and did not put any of the guys up on game with Nike. Meanwhile, Curry went out and got KD even though KD is with a rival brand. I guess Curry figured if his shoes ain’t hot in these streets then his legacy will be as a champ. Congrats to the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2017 NBA title!!

It should be noted that MJ was the first NBA player to take the sneaker game to new heights. Coincidence that he has six rings and is the GOAT???


Round 1: Warriors-Cavs

This Thursday the good Lord has blessed us basketball fans with a finals match like none other before! Ok, well maybe not like none other before. However, it’s definitely been a solid thirty years or so since we’ve had a NBA Finals match up like this one. You would have to go back to the days of Magic vs Bird to find a Finals match up that includes the two most talented teams in the league that also have the two best players in the world on opposing teams. Now I know what you’re thinking the title of this is wrong and it should be “Round 3: Warriors-Cavs”. And to that I have to say you are 100% wrong! Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

2015: Warriors vs LeBron and some bums                                                                             Under new head coach, Steve Kerr, Steph Curry has stepped on the scene in his Chef Curry 1’s and is ready to take the crown off LeBron’s head. The Warriors have captured the hearts of basketball fans everywhere. Finally a group of guys who are just really good at shooting a basketball are dominating the NBA. Done are the days of juggernaut teams filled with high flying backboard breaking freakish athletes. Hello trey ball and fundamentals with swag. Suburban kids everywhere who never thought they had the athleticism to make it to the NBA now have hope that one day their jump shot can land them in the league. Meanwhile, LeBron has decided Wade and Bosh are getting too old and wants to be a part of a younger Big 3. Lucky for him back home in Cleveland the Cavs have Kyrie Irving and are about to acquire Kevin Love. He returns home to Cleveland. The love he receives almost makes one think Cavs fans did not send him death threats, burn his jersey, or show him any other signs of hatred because he did what everyone else that lives in Cleveland wants to do and moved to South Beach.

After both squads completely demolish their opponents in the playoffs the stage is set for an epic NBA Finals. Except wait, Kevin Love gets taken out by hitman Kelly Olynyk before the Cavs get to the Finals. Now the Big 3 is now the Big 2. Which let’s be honest not too many people considered this a big lost for the Cavs. I have a feeling most people on the team felt the same way members of Dunder Mifflin felt when Andy Bernard had to leave for anger management counseling. However, for the sake of me being right losing K. Love was extremely devastating for the Cavs. He was there Michael Scott. Now here we are Game 1 Cavs lose by 8 to the Warriors. No big deal just make a few adjustments and they are ok going forward. Only one minor problem though Kyrie literally turns into old man Uncle Drew and cannot finish the series. LeBron channels his inner MJ/Mamba mentality for a couple of games, but in the end its the Suburban Street Shooters of the west coast who end up winning the Finals.

2016: Cavs vs actual suburban kids                                                                                                    LeBron is pissed that he wasn’t able to bring a title to Cleveland and the fans who like to love him, but also love to hate him if applicable. Steph decides to grow some facial hair to try to look rough and tough (fail btw Steph…from one baby face brother to another do not be ashamed). Warriors set a NBA regular season record in wins and are looking to repeat as champs.

Shocker LeBron makes it to the NBA Finals again and faces what some believe to be the GOAT of NBA teams, the Warriors. The Cavs Big 3 are all healthy and the Warriors are too for the most part (*Steph’s knee). Finally no more excuses for this so called King and heir to the throne of Your Airness MJ. Four games deep in the series and the Warriors are proving to everyone that they are indeed the GOAT of NBA teams. They are up 3-1 and are headed to Oracle Arena for the close out game. Champagne bottles have been bought, club VIP rooms have been booked, the Suburban Street Shooters and their loyal fan base are ready to celebrate again! Unfortunately,  for Dub Nation one of their key players, Draymond Green, is actually surrounded by champagne bottles and the likes during Game 5. No big deal they still have some muscle in Bogut and Iggy. In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend”. Cavs win Game 5. Not only do the Warriors lose the game but they also lose Bogut for the series. LeBron taking advantage of the shift in momentum (if you do not believe in the Big Mo then stop reading this now…jk continue and share with friends) has willed the Cavs to a Game 6 victory. Here we go baby Game 7! Welp, if you are an MJ and/or Suburban Street Shooters fan the results of this game hurt. LeBron makes a big play and Kyrie makes an even bigger one to allow the Cavs to become the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit. The LeBron faithful flood the internet and anoint him as the GOAT, even though it is only his third ring…

2017: Cavs vs Warriors???                                                                                                                     LeBron having finally brought a title to Cleveland admits he is chasing the ghost of MJ, and thus has not yet achieved GOAT status. KD has had enough of Russdiculousness and is jumped into the Suburban Street Shooters crew.

So here we are today and we have a healthy Warriors team getting ready to face a healthy Cavs team. LeBron the greatest offensive composer in the game vs KD the most unstoppable scorer in the game. Both Kyrie and Steph with unreal handles and the ability to pull up from anywhere. Draymond trying to out physical Tristan. The Cavs cool handshakes vs the Warriors pre-game goofiness. This NBA Finals has two teams competing from all angles of the game. Barring no injuries or suspensions this will essentially be the first time the Warriors face the Cavs in the Finals. Round 1. FIGHT!


A Blog Too?

You guys already have two tabs to express how you feel about sports so why a blog tab??? Well for one there’s thing called bad radio. It’s when your audience can’t see what the heck it is you’re discussing and feel completely lost. So to avoid this we decided to have a blog section for whenever we wanted to provide a visual aid for any of our episodes. Also, while we do enjoy the sound of our own voice we enjoy writing just as much. We do plan on blogging like a normal blogger. This tab will often be used to discuss ideas that did not make the final cut for our podcast episodes.


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